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Cary Mohiuddin

Collective for Youth
Operations Manager
Omaha, NE
-We are connectors and coordinators

We connect providers to resources and funding that they may not be able to access on their own. Likewise, we connect donors to good work that best supports their giving goals. We also offer streamlined coordination and communication with school districts, which saves everyone time, money, and stress.

-We are cheerleaders

We know that out of school time providers are doing what they do best – providing great programs and activities for our community’s youth. We are here to cheer them on, to advocate on their behalf to donors, the school district, and lawmakers, and to provide professional development, feedback, and assessment tools.

-We are building a community-wide system

A strong community-wide out of school time system is our goal. We are the entity that brings the right people to the table and guides the growth and development of the out of school time community.

Today, we support our partners through financial resources, professional development, and quality standards. We come to work every day so that young people in our community can participate in great educational, recreational, cultural, social, and personal enrichment programs. We believe that our youth – our city’s future – deserve the best.
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